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Negotiating Rents with new Living Style (COVID-19)

April 9, 2020

COVID-19 Changing World

A New Living Style with Negotiating Rents.

2020- A year that changed our lives, the way we live, and the way we do our business. Socialising has changed and the new word is Stay home and facetime our friends and family. Technology has given us an opportunity to do everything Virtually.

Even dating sites like Bumble, Hinge, and ok cupid is encouraging people to match and date virtually. It makes us think are we really progressing? or are we in a different world?

Small businesses and most importantly Hospitality business has been massively impacted since Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces new restrictions to avoid socialising. No gatherings, No eating out, No brunching or brekkie in café- Just Take away and eat at home.

Thousands of people lost their jobs with these restrictions coming into effect two weeks ago. Did you imagine on NYE 2019 this is what we will have to face in the first quarter of 2020? I am sure no one ever imagined that because of China hiding the facts could impact every single person on this planet like it’s trending “China lied, people died”

Some countries like Italy, Spain, and the United States of America are in real trouble due to the number of COVID-19 cases rising every day and the situation is getting worse as we speak.

The world leaders are helpless, the supreme powerful nations are helpless, we as humans are clueless.

We all have hope that magic will happen and our world will go back to normal soon,

well, we all are hoping for the best.

COVID-19 Changing World

Business owners

Small business owners who are leasing in major shopping centers are not just facing an economic crisis because of the social restrictions but also having to stress about these big landlords not helping them in this situation of Negotiating rents.

Westfield and Stockland are the major shopping centers in Australia and the shops leased out there are pay massive rent and also need to comply with their rules in general but these are challenging times, times we will only face once in a lifetime and we all are unfortunate to be in this.

Café owners, small food outlets, Juice shops, small retailers in general if your landlord is not helping you don’t stress as you can negotiating rent with them based on the no foot traffic and other major retailers closed for trading due to safety of their people and doing the right thing for everyone #stayhome.


You should help retailers as when the world goes back to normal you will have these renters still back in business but if you don’t help them, the shopping centers will be an empty ghost town.

Do the right thing and put people before profits.

Get help from a professional

If you are not able to get help, contact our team of professionals.

We can help you in your situation and do the right thing for you.

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