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Find out how much you can reduce your debts by today – Save thousands in interest and get out of debt quicker


  • Freeze further interest and charges on your existing debts.
  • Reduce your debt substantially*.
  • Stop collection calls from banks and third parties.
  • No win No fees**.


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* We will help you reduce debt between 5% to 95%. ** If we can't help you save money, you will have our services for free.

3 Simple Steps Can Help You Live Debt Free

Everyone's debt is different. We are here to give you proven debt relief strategies to determine what is right for you. we make a better plan for financial freedom

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Step 1
We analyse your situation

Click here to analyse your situation To see if we can help you reduce your debts and improve your financial well being. The analysis will not impact your credit history. We provide debt negotiation services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all over Australia.

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Step 2
Free 'no obligation' consultation

Our Professional & Highly Qualified Debt Negotiators are here to listen, understand and provide you with all possible options that will benefit you in your current situation and help you plan a debt-free future and pay off debt quickly.

Professional Team of Debt Negotiators

Step 3
You make the decision

We will act in your best interest but the decision is yours to engage us to manage your financial situation. We will keep things clear and take away the stress so you can have a debt-free future. 'Eliminating your debt fast' is our priority and legally get you out of debt with our best advice.

How much is your debt costing you?

Debt Amount
Interest Rate
It will take you 49 years 2 months to pay back $51,653
Principle: $14,000
Interest: $37,653

This calculator is based on making the minimum repayment amount at a 18% interest rate. Minimum repayments are calculated as a percentage of the closing balance, typically 2 or 2.5%, or a set dollar amount, usually around $20, whichever is greater. Your repayment will never be more than your closing balance. Source:

Car Insurance Claim Settlement

Car insurance is a really important one to have whether you have a flashy car or have a second-hand vehicle. Always remember it is good to have at least a third party cover, so if you hit another car you don’t end up having a big bill to cover the cost of the repair.


It is never too late, so consider your options and have a peace of mind. If you are already involved in an at-fault car accident and you have no insurance, we can still help you to negotiate the bill with another party insurance company and save you money.


Contact our experienced car insurance settlement team to discuss your matter.


“No Win No Fees”


Debt Negotiations is also known as Debt Resolution, Debt Reduction and Debt Settlement. In simple term, it means renegotiating your existing unmanageable debts, to suit your current situation and give you relief while protecting your credit score.

It is a process to analyse your financial situation and create a plan with best options provided to you.

We always act in the best interest of our clients and there is no one option that fits all. Contact Debt Negotiators for an obligation-free chat.

Generally, negotiations will take from a few days to 4 weeks to complete. Our best negotiators team will try best to focus on your case and get the best outcome.

It will depend on your circumstances. We can save you, ranging between 5% to 95% of your overall debt balance, and in some situations, we can even help to get the entire debt written off.

Loans that are under two months in arrears will not have any effect on your credit. No matter how much we save you, Your credit history won’t be harmed.
Accounts already listed with credit reporting agencies as default before you have engaged with us, will be listed as settled once.
We have negotiated with your credit provider, and our services are complete.

Our Expert Debt Negotiators are very professional and highly skilled. It is very rare that we are not able to assist you, and in case we can’t save you money; you have us for free.

We work on No win, No fee basis as our priority is our client.

It varies but at the negotiators, we offer our clients peace of mind: NO WIN NO FEE. Which means if we can’t save you money we won’t charge you a cent.

Yes, you can, but if you get represented by an experienced professional, you have higher chances of winning.
We will work in your best interest and keep things transparent.

Debt negotiations are done by experienced negotiators will never impact your credit score or history.
The Negotiators team is knowledgeable and experienced to handle your matter with care.


Testimonial Client - The Negotiators


Really great experience with this firm. Great advice and support from them. They are the best Debt Negotiators near me. I have recommended them to family and friends as well. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Client Testimonial

Gurvinder Singh

The Negotiators went above and beyond to remove our default! We were updated and reassured throughout the whole process which only took just over 3 weeks. They were honest, ethical and extremely professional. Thank you so much for all.

Client Testimonial - The Negotiators

Elise Thomson

An absolute delight to deal with. Every interaction was met with professionalism and effective communication. They help reduce my debt I was never made to feel like a number. I had the problem, they had the solution. Highly recommend

Client Testimonial

Andrew Wu

Thank you guys for answering my questions patiently and achieving results for me, Love your professionalism to keep us informed throughout and also emailing us after hours. Andy

Client Testimonial

Jemina Youssef

Very Professional and reliable service. 100% recommended! Harry, Sophia and all others involved, Thank you kindly for your assistance.

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